Process progress and news / by Natasja De Wet

 Detail of work in progress

Detail of work in progress

It seems to me that my work is still about process – thinking, contemplating, planning, researching certain themes, and only then starting to produce the work. Whether it is painting on canvas or on acrylic sheets, drawing on big or small sheets of paper, I experiment and push the boundaries of the mediums that I work with.

I do think, though, that my work is expressive, and comes from deep within, from my gut, my heart, and is intuitive. So I plan and contemplate, and then the subconscious takes over.

What has been happening during the last year or so is that a certain playfulness set in when I started working on the body of work ‘four temperaments’. My new work is still expressive, but it is accessible to a wider audience.

On the other hand, my older work is more challenging, evoking a deep emotional response. I feel that the people who relate to this work are as sensitive as most artists are. The viewers and purchasers of the work question and contemplate; they look deep within themselves, do soul searching, and they might find it simply aesthetic or ‘beautiful’, or executed with some sort of inner freedom or precision.

I want to thank two dealers, and galleries, who used to sell my work well, their clientele mostly from Europe and America: Liechen Heinze from the Chelsea Gallery, who closed her doors because of her health, and Joao Ferreira, who is doing well as an art consultant.

I do have news: I am going to sell some of my old work and my most recent work directly from my website. The work hasn’t been photographed professionally yet and has never been seen by the public. I am working to get my ecommerce page up as soon as possible, and will make an announcement when it is live.