PAINTING WORKSHOP: 28 May 2016 / by Natasja De Wet

This painting workshop is free and expressionistic, by exploring different painting techniques on canvas, with an open mindset. The application and combination of thick opaque bold paint, subtle layering and sensitive brushstrokes, using various brush sizes, sponges, spray bottles with water-based paint (acrylic), and/or different vehicles on a surface is a subtle but mindful approach to contemporary art making. The aim is to explore and push the media, and learn through the creation of an abstract work with some recognizable images or objects.


Date: Saturday 28 May 2016

Time: 10:00 - 13.30

Duration of Workshop: 3 and half hours.

Venue: Natasja de Wet’s studio/home: Kirstenhof, Cape Town, South Africa

Fee: R650 excluding materials

Refreshments: Tea and tart

Please be so kind to deposit the full amount two weeks before the workshop and email proof of payment with your name as reference a.s.a.p. Deposit non-refundable.

Feel free to forward this message to any interested parties.

Contact Natasja de Wet via 'contact form' on this website or


PORTRAIT FORMAT CANVAS: One or two stretched or loose sheets of canvas or gesso  (not smaller than 60X80cm)

Range of brushes (different sizes: thick, thin, flat and round etc.)


Palette knife

Container with lid (ice-cream container)

Spray bottle (for water)

Water based paint: Acrylics (at least the primary, secondary, black and white colours PLUS ANY OTHER COLOURS YOU HAVE)



2 plastic containers for water

2 sheets of A3 cartridge paper

Soft B pencil