In the Self-Exploration Mixed Media Workshop, you will explore basic art-making techniques at your own pace. Unconventional mixed media will be used in these workshops in combination with acrylic and water-based paint and drawing materials, such as charcoal, pencil, ink and graphite. In this workshop, De Wet guides participants through a series of mixed media exercises which culminate in the creation of a mixed media artwork using a combination of the materials explored. In so doing, participants learn, share and create together, gently pushing the boundaries and awakening their inner creative worlds.


In the Self-Exploration Portrait Painting Workshop, De Wet guides participants through a series of self-portrait exercises that investigate the external presentation of the internal Self.


The Self-Exploration Painting Workshop encourages free, open-minded, expressionistic exploration of different painting techniques on canvas that push the boundaries of how participants understand painting. The combination of thick, opaque, bold paint, layering and sensitive brushstrokes is a subtle yet mindful approach to contemporary art making. This workshop will investigate an array of methods by which to apply paint to a surface, including using various brush sizes, application tools and spray bottles with water-based (acrylic) paint. The workshop will culminate in the production of an abstract work that incorporates some recognizable images or objects.


In this workshop, De Wet’s shares different drawing techniques for both inexperienced and experienced workshop participants. By using a broad range of hard and soft pencils and graphite, as well as erasers and pencil shavings as drawing tools, the workshop teaches participants how to create evocative yet sensitive works. This is best achieved by exploring and letting go of the preconceived idea that one has to create a masterpiece. The aim of this workshop is to explore different techniques and produce an artwork by means of a series of guided exercises in a safe environment in which there is no right or wrong way to draw.


·         5 September 2018 - Self-Exploration Mixed Media Workshop

·         13 October 2018 - Self-Exploration Painting Workshop

·         17 November 2018 - Self-Exploration Mixed Media Workshop

·         16 February 2019 - Self-Exploration Mixed Media Workshop

·         4 May 2019 - Self-Exploration Process and Materiality Workshop at the Pathology Museum

·         1 June 2019 - Self-Exploration Process and Materiality Workshop at the Pathology Museum

Time: 10:00 - 15:00.

Duration: 5 hours including two 30-minute tea and cake breaks.

Venue: Pathology Museum, UCT Pathology Learning Centre, Observatory.

Fee: R550. This fee applies to workshops in 2018 and excludes materials. Participants are required to provide their own materials for all workshops.

Booking: To book, contact Natasja at

Please deposit your workshop fee one week before the workshop (account details provided upon booking) and email proof of payment with your name as reference.

Please note that deposits are non-refundable.

For more information, contact Natasja here

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Work in progress in the studio

Work in progress in the studio