WORK IN PROGRESS / by Natasja De Wet


Critical theorist Julia Kristeva (1989) notes that “for those who are wracked by melancholia, writing about it would have meaning only if writing sprang out of that very melancholia.” Similarly, the process of making in this body of work is intended to be an expression emerging from a melancholic state. This body of work has become a personal exploration and emotional self-expression of the melancholic disposition. The depth and density of the work attempts to speak of deep-seated sadness and layered introversion as well as the positive side of the true melancholic. Through an intuitive process of making, I intend to create an awareness on a social level of the strengths and weaknesses of this misunderstood temperament.

Kristeva, J. 1989. Black Sun: Depression and Melancholy. Translated by Leon Roudiez. New York: Columbia University Press.

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