The labour intensive process of making in the studio: / by Natasja De Wet

Artist Fabian Saptouw (2015) writes that labour intensive work seems mundane and repetitive but has a goal and purpose in mind. This awareness of the artist’s labour is presented in my work to articulate the fact that the process of making the work is part and parcel of that artwork. He notes that “there is an intensity in the crafting process that should not be undervalued, nor negated using terms like ‘obsessive’ or ‘absurd’.” He states that “regarding labour as ‘obsessive’ is problematic because it discounts that labour as a compulsion as opposed to an action taken with specific intent.”

Saptouw, F. 2015. Contemporary Materialities. International Science Index, 17(7): 1185-1195.

labour intensive process 1 2018.jpg
Texture 2018.jpg